As of right now it’s looking like the first release version of the Nike LeBron 12 will come in this “Miami Dolphins” colorway. Every year the Nike LeBron signature series seems to use new technology and materials from model-to-mode.


The Nike LeBron 12 looks to feature a Jacquard woven upper, with Foamposite wrap on the back heel of the silhouette sitting atop a brand new tech outsole. There is no doubt that the Nike LeBron 12 has a very distinct look from its predecessor – which makes it that much more interesting to know more about the model.

Check out the detailed pictures below and stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for more updates and the official press release from Nike Basketball for the Nike LeBron 12.




Source: bilskii


    i honestly can’t wait for these

  • heaton

    the 11s sucked straight up these are actually looking good

  • 45

    LeBron better rock them tho thats all i gotta say

    • colin

      if he don’t nike got a probably


    another garbage year its looking like on the nike lebron `

  • curt diggler

    If he making a dolphin cw I guess he staying in Miami then

    • q z

      U can’t be serious with that logic …


    4th year in a row I don’t have to mess with LeBrons. The wackness continues.

  • Not a fan

    They look like moon boots… not in a good way

  • hl

    I finally like these but I’m not paying over 170 and I know they probably are gonna be around 200


    this is my first time seeing these and they are pretty dope i have to say

  • Nelly

    MC Gusto your comment was funny as hell. You hit it on the nose. Lebron shoes are as good as his chances for rings in the near future. I dont blame the man for escaping these horrible over priced sneakers. Lebron will never be Kobe or MJ. Please anyone on here dont come at me with all lebrons hardware talk. MVP in the NBA is a joke award. Kobe scores when it matters and has that dog in him. Lebron lives in the free throw line and pads stats when the games is not in a crucial point. Like the first and third. Lebron is good but he a flopper, traveling machine, with a iffy jump shot. Weak post game. limited game. all speed and muscle no substance.

    • Nelly’s new to basketball

      Dawg, stfu son. Kobe has the most bricked jumpshots out of all the NBA greats

      The nigga lives shooting 38 shots and making 9 of them. Kobe is the king of 3 step traveling, unreliable jumpshot, weak ass post game, subpar rebounding, limited ASS GAME. All about taking crazy ass jumpshots and bricking them, selfish ball play, NO SUBSTANCE. I swear these niggas don’t know shit about basketball. Kobrick is a try-hard jordan, lebron is the next magic johson (if you even know who that is)

      • Nelly

        You obviously dont know about basketball. Kobe is twice the player lebron will ever be in terms of impact. Lebron can shoot for shit. Kobe has a knock down jump shots. Kobe is taking shots with guy drapped all over him not to mention the level of difficulty. Kobe has Five rings. Get your stuff together and dont ever put that loser and magic in the same sentence. You need to go watch some damn film. Lebron is a damn fraud with good measurables. He is only as good as the gift god gave him height speed and power. He is never and will never be on Kobes level. Kobe is proven La brick james as skip calls him needs some real work on his game because its getting old. His game is damn right ugly.
        Lebron = Another year or crying, complaining, excuses, traveling, flopping, iffy jump shooting, same crappy post game, scoring when it does not matter, campaigning for awards, horrible shoes, and losing again in the playoffs.

        Lebron said jerseys were to tight.
        I was the best defensive player in the league. I can guard anyone yet he got schooled in the finals.
        I dont get enough calls.
        Its not me I am scoring when it does not matter talk to wade.
        My coach sucks.
        Flexing his muscle but acting like he is getting shot when he is fouled. lmao.
        Travels on every other possesion.
        Horrible fundamentals and no clutch bone in that guy.

  • B.I.G.


  • NoDay$Off

    I like this cw

  • Yahya Hussein

    Is it just me or do these shoes look like trainers?

  • ColeWorldNoBlanket

    Look more like soldiers than his signature.

  • Nelly

    Lebrons looks promising at the begining then you see the whole thing and realize this garbage yet again. Just like his game. lmao….